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May 15, 2020
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At PéTROZORB, we have highlighted the importance of possessing an oil spill kit within your business. For over ten years we have been producing and distributing these oil spill absorbent kits to a multitude of clients across the globe from our base in Johannesburg.

Owning an oil spill kit is one thing, but knowing how to use it is incredibly important to both the safety of your business premises and your workers.

In this blog post, we will talk you through the best procedure to follow to ensure that should a chemical spillage occur, you are fully prepared to deal with it correctly.

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Dealing with an Oil Spill

If you’ve found yourself in a manageable oil spill situation, it is important to remain calm and follow these easy steps to help make sure that no lasting damage is caused to your property, or to any members of staff.


  • Protect yourself and warn other workers

Before you begin using your oil spill kit to clear the spillage, you should make sure that everyone around you is aware of what has happened, and that you are equipped with all of the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to make sure that the oil spill doesn’t make contact with your skin.


  • Block the spillage from spreading further

Try your best to contain the spillage as best you can. This can be done with one of PéTROZORB’s absorbent socks or booms which come with our oil spill kits.

The absorbent socks should overlap by about 30cm to make sure there isn’t a gap for the chemical to leak out of.


  • Absorb the oil

Once you have contained the oil spill, the absorbent pads are to be laid out on top of the spillage and left for a few minutes or until they are fully saturated.


  • Dispose of the oil absorbents correctly

When the spill has been thoroughly absorbed, the used oil spill kit needs to properly disposed of. Your PéTROZORB oil spill kit includes an HD disposal bag and tie to allow you to correctly remove and dispose of your used pads.

This should then be disposed of in accordance with local waste regulations.


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