Which Oil Spill Kit is Right for Your Business

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May 18, 2018
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May 15, 2020

How to Choose the Right Spill Kit for You

When running a business that handles oils or chemicals you may find yourself asking – which spill kit is right for me?  If your business does work with any toxic chemicals then this is a crucial part for the health and safety of your employees, and potential environmental hazards. Investing in a spill containment kit will ensure you’re complying with health and safety regulations regardless of your workplace, even if you don’t deal with materials that pose an obvious threat, a spill kit may still be appropriate. To help you distinguish which spill kit is right for your business we have compiled quick and easy to understand explanations of the chemical and oil spill kits that we offer at Petrozorb; whether you’re looking for factory or marine spill kits we can help you find the appropriate kit for you, and instantly improve your safety.

What is a Spill Kit?

In short, a spill containment kit is a combination of spill response and absorption products that are packaged together to be store across easy to reach areas of your business. This allows employees to act fast in an emergency and contain the spillage efficiently.

We supply four main spill kits across South Africa, these are designed to solve the spillage of the specific substance that your business handles – this ensures maximum safety at a fast rate. The four kits that we offer at Petrozorb are tailored to suit specific workplaces, these spill kits range from 40-litre absorbency to 220-litre absorbency and are stored for your convenience in either wheelie bins or PVC carry bags, these include:

  1. Chemical Spill Kit

We have a variety of chemical spill kits offered South Africa, ranging in absorbency and storability. The active ingredient in this chemical spill management kit is polypropylene – this stabilises acids and caustics and is perfect for solvents, caustic chemicals and acids.

Businesses need the chemical spill kit include:

  • Chemical manufactures
  • Laboratories
  • Chemical storage companies
  • Any business that deals with chemicals


  1. Marine Oil Spill Kit

Oil spills can be devastating to marine life; if you’re a responsible company you should ensure you’re protecting South African marine ecosystems including plant life, habitats and seabirds. Our marine oil spill kits are designed to absorb oil from water at a very fast rate – our marine oil spill kit now includes marine booms which quickly absorb the oil on the surface, without absorbing water.

Businesses that need the marine oil spill kit include:

  • Ships transporting oil
  • Oil rigs
  • Pipelines
  • Near sea storage facilities
  • Barges
  1. Oil and Fuel Spill Kit

Hazardous spills of oil or fuel are usually the result of heavy vehicle activity, you can prevent an accidental spillage on the road from becoming a disaster by ensuring you have an oil and fuel spill kit to hand. The oil and fuel spill kit features specialist fuel absorbency pads as universal pads do not do this.

Businesses that need the oil and fuel spill kit include:

  • Transport companies
  • Petrol stations
  • Fuel tankers
  • Car hire
  1. Universal Spill Kit

This general purpose spill kit uses combined spill response products such as absorbent pads, absorbent scatter, booms, socks or pillows. However, the universal spill kit can’t be used in specialist chemical sectors.

Businesses that need the universal spill kit include:

  • Any workplace that doesn’t deal with chemicals.

If you require any more information about chemical spill absorbents, oil spill kits in South Africa or any of the spill kits we offer then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Johannesburg based office on +27 11 849 4767 today. Alternatively, you can contact us online or email us at johan@petrozorb.co.za for a prompt response on our chemical spill kits in Johannesburg.