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PèTROZORB is a range
of products that offer rapid
absorption of oil and chemicals.

Why you should use PèTROZORB

Not only is PèTROZORB economical and fast-acting, it has a number of
benefits, including:
• Free-flowing
• Non-toxic
• Non-abrasive
• Non-carcinogenic
• Completely safe to handle in its natural state
• No protective clothing is required
• No training or technical equipment is required to dispose of


spent absorbents

• PèTROZORB is lightweight, allowing you to carry more to

spillages, thus saving on additional transportation and disposal costs.

Different Oil & Chemical Absorbents



Find a variety of oil absorbent products such as oil absorbent booms, socks and pillows, absorbent fibres and sumps and track mats right here.

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100L & 50L Oil Absorbent Scatter


Polypropylene oil absorbent scatter is a quick and efficient way for you to clear up oil spills of all sizes, rapidly absorbing oil before being swept up with ease.

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In the event of a chemical spill it is essential that your response time is fast and efficient. Chemicals that are allowed to sit can cause hazardous gases and odours, which can be harmful to your employees and to the environment.

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The PèTROZORB Range consists of four types of organic fibre absorbents.

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The Petrozorb range

The PeTROZORB range is your specialised oil and chemical spill kits in South Africa. Manufactured and sold by Fine Forest Organics in the East Rand of Johannesburg since 2007 the PeTROZORB range is a range of natural and organic oil and chemical spill kits designed to be used for everyday accidental oil and chemical spills on both land and water surfaces.

In the PeTROZORB Range, you can find oil spill products, diesel spill kits, chemical absorbent kits and organic fibre absorbent kits in South Africa. The PeTROZORB brand has a wide range of spill kits to suit all your needs including:

1. Oil Absorbent Organic Fibres

Petrozorb Bronze:

Description: Natural Organic Oil and Chemical spill absorbent fibre.
How it works: A highly porous ultra-structure absorbent which helps in absorbing hydrophobic substances. It is environment-friendly and does not release any pollutants which it has absorbed.

Petrozorb Silver

Description: Natural Organic Oil and chemical spill absorbent fibre with degrading microbes.

How it works: These oil-degrading microbes retain organic materials and reject inorganic ions. Has the ability to degrade a wide range of hydrocarbons by producing harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide and water.

Petrozorb Gold:

Description: Coco peat oil and chemical absorbent fibre.

How it works: The highly porous ultrastructure helps the product to absorb hydrocarbons and even flammable fumes. Easy to apply and contain spills.

Petrozorb Platinum:

Description: Peat Moss Oil and chemical absorbent fibre

How it works: Specially treated to be hydrophobic, repelling water and encapsultating spillages without discharging pollutants into the atmosphere.

2. Oil absorbent polypropylene

Polypropylene is a quick way to clear up oil spills. This oil spill product rapidly absorbs any kind of spillage and is an effective way to contain and dispose of Oil spills in your work place.

3. Chemical absorbent polypropylene

Chemical spills require more fast response time and it has to be efficient. Chemical spills are more dangerous as they emit harmful gases and odours if allowed to sit.

PeTROZORB is renowned for being consistently absorbent and our excellent delivery service guarantees you will receive your products within 24-48 hours. Our distribution network exports to both African countries and the international market.

Our Range of Oil Spill Products

  • Customised spill kits
  • Oil and Chemical Spill Absorbent Pads
  • Bioremediation products
  • Spark Proof Plastic Shovels
  • Spill Platforms
  • Spill Containment Booms for Hard Surfaces
  • Marine Booms
  • Environmentally Friendly Degreasers

For more information about oil and chemical spill kits in South Africa, please contact PeTROZORB today on 0027 11849 4767, alternatively please use our online contact form.