Slide Join us on a journey through our pine bark sieving, screening, blending, filling and packaging process. Witness how our highly-specialised, automated processes works first-hand, and how we promise fast-acting, affordable, rapid absorption products. Welcome to PèTROZORB’s virtual Factory Tour. petrozorb-logo new-01 Slide Pine Bark Conveyer Our pine bark conveyer system is simple and efficient, allowing the pine bark to quickly and easily be fed up toward the double-sieved screen. The Pine Bark Conveyor Belt Slide The conveyer belt, feeding system is a simple system that allows the pine bark to be moved up and fed into the double-sieved screen. The Conveyer Belt Feeding System Conveyer Feeding Screen Slide Our double-sieved screen or ‘dutch wagon’ as we named it, is 2.5m x 1m in diameter. The ‘Dutch Wagon’ Screen Slide The ‘dutch wagon’ or high-speed screener uses a double-sieve screening method. The first inner sieve is a 6mm aperture sieve that removes all the mulch from the pine bark. The second outer sieve is a 1.5mm aperture sieve that removes all smaller, non-organic particles from the bark. The Double-Sieve Screener Screen Sieves Slide After the screening process, the bark nuggets fall on to another conveyer belt that feeds the hammer mill. In this process, all debris that is not pine bark is hand-picked from the conveyer belt before being milled. Ensuring the best possible purest pine bark for production. The Hammermill Conveyer Hammermill Conveyer Slide At this stage, the Ribbon Blender - which can hold a capacity of 2000L - mixes the pine bark with peat and oil digesting microbes. This ensures that only the finest, most perfectly-blended absorbent and bioremediation product is created. The Ribbon Blender 2000 L Ribbon Blender Slide Once the blending process is complete, bulk bags are filled with the blended absorbents. They are now ready for the bagging. Bulk Mixed Absorbent Bulk Mixed Absorbent Slide Each Bag Filler is now filled with the blended absorbent from the bulk mixer. Each Bag Filler Hopper can hold 750L of product, which will be used to fill our 50L and/or 75L bags. The Bag Filler Hopper Bag Filler Hopper Slide Our three high-speed Bag Fillers can fill a minimum of 300 bags per shift. We offer our customers the option of 50L and/or 75L bags. The High-Speed Bag Fillers High Speed Bag Fillers Slide Bags filled with our absorbent product are now ready. Our stock is always full and ready to be used, ensuring optimum stock levels for our customers as and when they need them. The Ready Product Bags Filled Slide For bulk-buying customers, we offer the option to have our product hydraulically compressed into 200L bags, which customers can either choose to have branded or not. The Hydraulic Press Hydraulic Press Slide The PèTROZORB Peat Moss Heat Treatment Plant specializes in heat treatment and air-drying of our absorbent product which reduces the products moisture content by approximately 10 -14% and changes the peat fibres water retention features. The Heat Treatment Plant Heat Treatment Plant Slide The peat fibres become hydrophobic (water repellent) and absorb hydrocarbons. The reversal of the hydrophobic properties is caused by the release of natural wax from within the cell during the proprietary process. The natural wax coats the fibres, resulting in them gaining the hydrophobic properties. The Heat Treatment Plant cont.. Heat Treatment Plant Slide Our sewing division manufactures different types and sizes of PVC Spill Kit Bags, booms, socks and pillows, according to our customer’s needs and specifications. The Sewing Department Sewing Department Slide Our PèTROZORB product is clearly identifiable by the chevron on the sides of the bags, once packaged on the pallet. The Packaged Product 50 x 10Kg pallet Slide We offer the delivery of packaged pallets as 8 x pallets of 50 x 10kg bags per truck load. Delivery Options Deliveries