Oil Spill Platforms & Ramps

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August 16, 2017
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August 25, 2017

Oil Spill Platforms & Ramps

RampsOil spill platforms & ramps are essential parts of any complete spill kit. At PèTROZORB, we pride ourselves on South Africa’s leading suppliers of high quality spill platform equipment, suitable for all round use and a necessary part of any kit.

Our spill platforms & ramps are used to easily store and transport oil and chemical containers with ease, holding a number of containers with ease. Made of high quality materials, allowing them to withstand substantial oil spills and pre-emptively prevent oil spills causing damage to your workplace.

PèTROZORB’s oil spill platforms & ramps will help you to minimise your impact on the surrounding environment and ensure your oil spill can be quickly and safely cleaned up.

For more information about our spill platforms and ramps, simply get in touch online or call + 27 (0) 11 849 4767 today.