Do I Need a Chemical Spill Kit?

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January 8, 2019
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September 25, 2020

For over ten years, here at PéTROZORB we have been producing and distributing chemical spill kits to clients across the globe from our Johannesburg factory.

Owning a chemical spill kit is essential for any business or commercial premises that comes into contact with any type of chemicals, be that oil, cleaning products or fuel. Most properties will require a chemical spill kit, to ensure that any potentially dangerous spillages can be dealt with and cleaned up properly.

If you’re unsure as to whether you need a chemical spill kit within your premises, our network of specialised contractors, microbiologists, chemists and researchers at Fine Forest Organics hope to shed the light, and allow you to learn more about these kits that are an essential product for maintaining safety.
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What Do Chemical Spill Kits Do?

Should you experience a chemical spillage, it is essential for the safety of you, your staff, and the environment that it get cleaned up thoroughly.
Chemical spill kits are an amalgamation of absorbent materials that work to contain and clear-up any potentially harmful chemical spillages. Our spill kits vary depending on your requirements (you can browse our range of products here), but ultimately, their main aim is to restore the area of the spillage back to a safe, non-hazardous environment.

Our unique chemical spill kit range is available as booms, socks, pillows, absorbent pads or absorbent scatter. You can buy these kits in the form of wheelie bins and carry bags.

If you own a chemical spill kit, you should make sure it is in good condition and hasn’t been damaged by the weather – this may lessen its functionality. Chemical spill kits should be kept in an accessible area, so they can be used efficiently, should a spillage occur.


How Do I Know if I Need Chemical Spill Kits?

Whatever your business may be, the likelihood is that you should have a chemical spill kit accessible on your premises. Chemical spill risk areas include refuelling areas and oil and chemical storage areas – areas where you keep cleaning products, fertilisers, or scientific substances for example will all require a chemical spill kit.

This will ensure that any spillages will be cleaned up correctly, removing the risk of further damage being cause to either your property, yourself or your staff. Chemical spill kits are an easy safety precaution to take that could be the difference between leading to more serious problems, and effectively cleaning up the mess and returning to business as usual.


Chemical Spill Kits Suited to Your Needs

Our chemical spill kits are available in a range of chemical absorbency potentials, because we understand that not all clients’ requirements are the same. With all chemical spill kit orders from our South Africa based factory, you can expect the necessary equipment to be able to safely and quickly clean up and dispose of the unwanted spillage.

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